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Embrace the future of work

Automation with AI enables your entire organization to be always-on, optimizing operations to provide seamless business continuity. Experts from Prograsys® can help you.

Digitize and Automate Workflows

Intelligent workflows change how work gets done by applying real-time insights, automation, AI, blockchain and other exponential technologies to reinvent processes and deliver business outcomes.

Plan, pilot and scale

Scale automation to rapidly create resilience and flexibility across your business workflows.

Augment your workforce

Improve business continuity and efficiency with digital labor.

Modernize operations

Use workflow processes that are more predictive, adaptive and automated with real-time data.

Four steps of process design

Prograsys® Automation Services partner with clients around the world to transform and manage functional and industry-specific processes to achieve intelligent digital operations. These services rely on AI, process automation and advanced analytics to help deliver higher-quality processes to lower cost with less risk. They address the four fundamental steps of process design:

  1. Assess

    Assess business process workflow and redesign

  2. Select

    Select automation technologies and determine how they fit with the enterprise architecture

  3. Deploy

    Deploy accelerated proofs of concept using specific-automation solutions

  4. Integrate

    integrate AI to create self-healing and automatic processes and provide business insights

A digital worker is software-based labor that can independently execute meaningful parts of complex, end-to-end processes using multiple skills that go beyond what RPA tools and bots alone can offer.

Digital worker

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