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How to scale your B2B sales lead list

Who are you going to reach out to today?

The answer should be on your B2B sales lead list; a list of contacts you can move through your sales funnel to become customers. However, so many businesses waste time and leave money on the table by using lead lists that are inaccurate and out of date. That’s bad news for B2B lead generation!

In this article, we’re going to look at how you can build a list of leads that take your sales strategy to the next level. Let’s go.

4 tips for building a B2B sales lead list

1 – Know your ideal customer

When it comes to B2B lead lists, size isn’t everything. What is important is that your list is well-targeted, with everyone on it having a problem that your product can solve.

Develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in your team. Here’s how to do it:

  • Analyse your current customer base and look for commonalities between your super-users.
  • Look at the industries they are in. Consider company size, location and the job title of the buyer.
  • Take this a step further by talking with your best customers about the challenges they face and how your product helps to overcome them.
  • All of this will help you paint a picture of your dream customer.

2 – Build your list

There are many different ways to build a list of sales leads. All of them can be effective. The method you choose depends on the budget you have at your disposal and how quickly you need to generate your leads.

The traditional way was to buy lists from lead generation companies. Today, companies can create content that is super-relevant to their Ideal Customer Profile, publish it on the web and social media and drive engagement that way.

LinkedIn is an excellent way to build your lists in 2019. Users voluntarily publish every detail of their business lives, which you can filter to create lists. However, the sheer size of LinkedIn (260 million monthly active users at last count), can make creating something comprehensive a challenge

3 – Scale your list

One of the problems with your list will be that many of the names on it will not be looking to buy your product at the moment you contact them.

Using sales triggers can be the way to ensure that when you reach out, your product is more likely to be something they’re looking for. Sales triggers are events that signify that a company might be in a position to make a B2B purchase. Many different events could be sales triggers, including:

Receiving a new round of funding – signifying the company has a renewed budget.
Appointing a new CEO – this could point to a new direction for the company as the CEO wants to make their mark.
Hiring new employees – which shows the company is confident about their future growth prospects.
You can look for sales triggers in the trade media for your industry or set up Google Alerts. However, the easiest way to scale your list using sales triggers is through specialist B2B lead generation software.

4 – Refresh your data

However you build your list, the problem with the data on it is that it deteriorates quickly. For example, every day, people move jobs or change responsibilities in their organisation. Around a third of lead data goes out-of-date every year.

This leads to sales reps wasting time trying to contact people on the list who have long since moved on. It leads to emails that bounce back. It leads to buyers using your competitors instead of you, because they don’t know about you.

Your goal should be to keep your data as fresh as it can be. Employ data enrichment to make sure your lead list data is always up to date.

Talk to Prograsys®

When you follow these tips, you’ll create a B2B sales lead list that can power your sales machine.

At Prograsys®, we have the software that makes building a well-targeted, scalable, 100% accurate B2B sales lead list as easy as can be.

Try Prospector when building your list to segment and find your ideal clients. Use trigger events to contact your prospects at just the right moment, making a sale more likely. Then, use Refresh to make sure your list is always up-to-date.

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