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Data Enhancement

Grow with Quality Data

Every organization knows the importance of recording and storing data of its customers, prospects, and vendors. However, data quality issues undermine the effectiveness of data used in different aspects of the business. The common data quality issues are undeliverable email addresses, wrong phone numbers, missing values, and duplicate data. Our data enhancement service is designed to meet your specific requirement, and at affordable rates.

with years of experience in Data Enhancement, have developed a unique and effective way to improve your data:

Adding relevant fields to your customer file and cleaning outdated data
Scanning the entire database and maintaining the correct data format
Verifying the accuracy of each record and removing duplicates
Data Cleansing Data Profiling Email Appending Data Verification
How do we check and correct your data?

We validate each record in your customer file through an automatic matching process. During this process, we scan your data with our master database of 30 million business contacts. In this automated process, the matched records will be flagged and updated with fresh data. Apart from this, we manually check the records and ensure that the contacts are valid.

A clean database will be a big boost to marketing and decision-making. For more information on this service, talk to our representative.

Scale Your Business to the Next Level with Data Profiling.

Data Profiling is the process of adding value to your existing datasets with comprehensive; end-to-end data intelligence fields across each of your core business verticals. It covers essential customer insights including company history, business focus, key events, values, financial reports and a lot more. With this information, imagine what you as a marketer can do to strategize your multi-channel campaigns and add value to your customers as a true business partner for a mutual win-win.

Our 3 Step Process for Data Profiling:
  • Assess the data quality
  • Enrich data with active information
  • Analyze the data structure
Amplify your Business Returns with Email Appending

We have skilled teams of data experts who gather current customer data like, first name, last name, and postal address and then match it against a vendor's database to get email addresses. This practice is also known as E-Appending.

We at Prograsys® believe that when you have emails missing from your database it reduce deliverability rate. Furthermore, communication with potential business prospects also reduces. Nevertheless, this is reason why we are here to help you with our B2B Email Appending Services as a means of communication that is cost effective.

Why you need Data Verification as part of your business growth strategy

Your customer communication success is directly proportional to the quality of your data. You might be sharing thousands of spectacular email and multi-channel messages each day with offers that are simple irresistible. But consider this, your communication is not reaching your audience and your sitting with your core team and decision makers analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns and diagnosing why there’s not been a good response of your campaigns initiatives.



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