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Data Management

Data is what data does!

Pioneer in data management, provides end-to-end support services to manage your data and keep it relevant. The data services we provide are used by large companies as well as SMBs. The solutions include data management, data cleansing, data governance, and data standardization.

Working with our robust data-management platform, Prograsys® helps clients gain valuable insights from data, and turn unstructured data into meaningful information.

Our data management solutions are used by many clients, including:

Leading information technology companies
Data resellers and SMBs
Manufacturing, healthcare, and other leading corporations
Research companies
Database Licensing Data Enrichment Data Building

We have been offering Database Licensing Solutions since our inception. Today, we have license agreements with Database Licensees who specialize in a variety of marketing services for diverse industries. Our Database Licenses specialize in direct mail, sales call reporting, demand generation, and other database marketing services.

Licensee services typically include:
  • Mailing lists
  • Databases
  • Fulfillment
  • Consultation
  • Specialized market
  • research
  • Email campaigns
  • Tele-verification
  • Information processing, etc.

Prograsys has experienced data experts who can meticulously enrich the data for you. Investing in our Data Enrichment Services will help you connect with your global customers and stay ahead of your competitors.

Data enrichment is a crucial part managing your data. It allows you to incorporate fresh information into your existing records to improve its accuracy and value. This gives users the confidence to use the information for their business initiatives so that you can reap benefits from it. Businesses and companies both small and large collect a staggering amount of data and over time due to multiple factors such as when employees change names and jobs to continue elsewhere, when they get promoted and their designation is changed, when businesses expand and people shift to a new location it is likely to decay.

At Prograsys we have clearly understood this and that is why we believe that our Data Enrichment Services is one of the most important steps in improving the value of your business data.

Different Types of Data Enrichment Services available, but the most common types are:
  • Geography
  • Demographics

Prograsys has already complied data from millions of businesses, and prospective buyers from different demographics. For marketers like you, our data will also help in identifying new untapped markets, new prospect base and target new geographies.

Data building supplements your prospect acquisition effort by quickly and cost-efficiently adding new prospects meaningfully in your database.

How that helps:
  • Increase your sphere of influence by adding fresh prospects
  • Reduce the cost of prospect acquisition through instant list building
  • Acquire more customers for your business without spending high



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